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Better than expected: in March 2022, Moldova exported more than 11 thousand tonnes of apples

Compared to the volumes of March exports in previous years, this is a modest indicator, the minimum of the last 5 years. For example, in March 2021, Moldova exported almost 19 000 tonnes of apples, in March 2019 – more than 42 000 tonnes. However, given the blockage of land transport routes to the east due to the war in Ukraine, even this result does not look like a failure.

It is surprising that more than 6 000 tonnes of apples were sent to the russian market, and 1 300 tonnes to the belarusian market even through very long detours. What’s more interesting, about 1 800 tonnes of apples were exported to the Romanian market from Moldova in March, which is slightly less than the total volume exported in 2021. Given that, as EastFruit reported, the largest Moldovan apple producers are negotiating large-scale supplies of goods with Romanian supermarket chains, it can be assumed that the March volume of exports to the Romanian market will be exceeded in April.

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It is also notable that the average invoice price of Moldovan apples sent to Romania was about 6.2 MDL/kg ($0.35/kg). Whereas, according to growers, apples of “obsolete” varieties for export to Romania were purchased by traders at no more than 3 MDL/kg ($0.16/kg). This means that most of the exports to Romania were apple varieties more or less popular on the European market.


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