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Berry season in Moldova: exports are lower, prices are higher

The 2022 harvest of the main crops of the berry sector of Moldova (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.) decreased by about 20%, and exports of fresh berries decreased by 50% compared to last year. The exports of fresh Moldovan berries in 2021 amounted to 5 170 tonnes, and in 2022 – to only 2 780 tonnes. The exports of Moldovan strawberries in 2022 decreased to 1 400 tonnes, and raspberries – to 633 tonnes. However, due to a significant increase in wholesale purchase prices, the decrease in exports in monetary terms is not so large: 126 million MDL against 136 million MDL ($6.6 and $7.1 million, respectively).

Imports of fresh berries to Moldova (mainly blueberries) reached 1 200 tonnes this year (78 million MDL, $4.1 million), and in 2021 – 935 tonnes (61 million MDL, $3.2 million).

Exports of frozen berries from Moldova almost did not decrease – 660 tonnes this year against 700 tonnes last year. At the same time, the exports of frozen blackberries more than doubled compared to last year – to 46 tonnes.

The data were presented by Dimitrie Dodica, Executive Director of the Association of Berry Producers “Pomușoarele Moldovei” during a seminar on the results of this year’s berry season. According to the expert, in 2023, the country will continue to reduce the area of strawberry plantations, increase the volume of freezing of berries, as well as the reorientation of exports of berry sector products to the EU market (mainly to Romania), as well as to the markets of the Persian Gulf countries.


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