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At the forum in Lviv, experts will tell how to build a profitable greenhouse

Owners of successful companies, engineers and the best agronomists will help vegetable growers to understand how to set up a greenhouse business at the All-Ukrainian Forum “Intensive Vegetable Growing: Making Money in a Greenhouse” to be held on June 19 in Lviv.

The design of the greenhouse, its size, type of cover, and internal filling – this is the beginning of any plan to organize a business plan for growing vegetables in the closed ground. Leonid Chebanov, Head of the Laboratory of Greenhouse Construction and Reconstruction at the Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Chief Project Engineer at Inzhtechbud Company, will talk about the technological and design features of modern high-efficiency industrial and farm greenhouses. That is why we invited the best experts in the industry to the first practical forum dedicated to greenhouse vegetable growing since the beginning of the war

Mykola Melnyk is the owner of the Melnyk-Agro farm and at the same time an IT-entrepreneur who successfully uses his previous experience in organizing greenhouse production. He has developed an original system of automation and control of greenhouses on his farm. He will tell you what greenhouse design to choose for a specific task, how to organize the internal infrastructure of the greenhouse – from the cassette to the boiler, automate processes, organize record keeping, and manage the greenhouse from a smartphone.

How to make a business plan for a greenhouse, calculate the payback period of invested funds, and understand what capital investments and operating costs are needed. How to choose crops to grow and where to start building a greenhouse. Volodymyr Rozhko, owner of Greenleveyshen LLC, which has been growing strawberries, grapes, and tomatoes in greenhouses for 11 years, and also builds greenhouses in Ukraine and Moldova, will tell about it.

Volodymyr Novy, co-owner of Green Wave, and developer of the author’s engineering technology of growing herbs and vegetables, will help to understand how to calculate and build a profitable business on a vertical farm and will talk about growing lettuce, tomato, and peppers on vertical hydroponics.

Organizers of the forum – the magazine ‘Ukrainian Gardening’, AgroTimes.ua website, and the main media partner of the event – EastFruit information and analytical platform, advise not to miss these useful and important presentations

Active registration for the forum ‘Intensive Vegetable Growing: Earn on the Greenhouse’ in Lviv continues. Greenhouse growers have already called it the event of the year for farm owners, managers, and agronomists.


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