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Apple prices in Ukraine increased after the holidays – what’s the reason?

The Ukrainian market has seen an increase in selling prices for apples since the beginning of the year, according to EastFruit project analysts. First of all, market analysts attribute the price rise to a noticeable intensification of trade and procurement in the segment. According to market players, the demand for local apples was relatively low even before the New Year holidays, but today almost all buyers show a great interest in purchasing apples.

At the same time, the supply of high-quality apples on the market is rather limited, which also contributes to an increase in their prices. Many growers currently offer mainly apples that have started deteriorating due to long-term storage. Meanwhile, they plan to sell apples of good quality no earlier than the beginning of spring. It is also worth noting that due to instability in the foreign exchange market, the price of imported apples also increased significantly, which adds to the price growth for apples from local farms.

As a result, the price of good-quality apples in Ukraine has increased by an average of 37% since the beginning of January. Today, local farms ship apples from 9 to 15 UAH/kg ($0.47-0.74/kg), depending on the caliber and variety, and they note that red varieties of apples are in the greatest demand.


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