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Apple exports from Ukraine in September 2021 were close to a record, despite a later start of harvest

According to EastFruit analysts, apple exports from Ukraine in September 2021 increased by 2.3 times compared to September 2020. In September 2018, when prices fell to record lows and the apple harvest in Ukraine was also a record one, exports were slightly higher than this year. However, the apple exports volume in September 2021 can be considered a record one, given the more than two-week delay in the start of harvesting of the first export variety “Gala” in Ukraine.

In other words, Ukrainian growers and traders exported almost as many apples in 1.5-2 weeks in September 2021 as in 2018. At the same time, the geography of apple exports from Ukraine in September 2021 was slightly narrower than in September 2018 – Ukrainian apples were sent to only 12 countries, while in 2018 deliveries were made to 15 countries.

The narrowing of the export geography can be explained by the delayed start of apple harvesting. The fact is that apples intended for distant countries, where products are delivered in sea containers, must be cooled to a conditioned temperature after harvesting and treated with an ethylene inhibitor. Apples are then sorted and packaged for shipment. Accordingly, it takes several days before apples will be able to withstand transportation to countries in the Middle East, Asia or Africa. Another factor is the physical availability and cost of shipping containers. There are huge problems with this in 2021.

Therefore, the fact that Ukrainian exporters managed to ship more than 350 tonnes of apples in sea containers to distant countries of Asia, the Middle East and Africa in September is very indicative. The exports of apples from Ukraine allowed to earn on average 1.5 to 2 times more than selling them on the domestic market, as representatives of the export platform of the Ukrainian Horticultural Association estimated. Therefore, we expect further dynamic growth in the exports of Ukrainian apples in the coming months and the expansion of its geography.


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