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Apple exports from Moldova in December will be twice lower than last year

Moldovan traders believe that the final volume of apple exports in December will most likely be in the range of 10 000-12 000 tonnes. That is, it will be approximately equal to exports in December 2020 and much lower than last year’s December exports (almost 21 000 tonnes). Last month, as EastFruit analysts noted, about 7 000 tonnes of apples were exported from the country, and this is the lowest figure for November exports over the past five years.

In early December, operators of the local fruit market did not count on active exports of apples. However, in the second half of the month, exports unexpectedly recovered. In part, it was caused by the opening of the Russian market for fifty agricultural and commercial enterprises from Moldova, as well as a small pre-holiday increase in exports of Moldovan apples to Romania. In both cases, wholesale demand prices are low.

Some large agricultural producers claim that for deliveries to the Romanian market, traders buy Idared, in their words – “of average quality, but at a price 1.5 times lower than the one prevailing on the domestic market”, that is, at 4-4.5 MDL/kg ($0.21-0.23/kg). Nevertheless, farmers are forced to agree to these conditions to “pay off their debts and pay salaries before the holidays.”


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