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Another novelty of the season in retail sale of Uzbekistan – kuksultan

Spring is in full swing in Uzbekistan, and new season novelties appear on the shelves of supermarkets,  kuksultan (or Kuk sultan – a variety of small plums or cherry plums) being among them. This season, it became available in retail sales about a week earlier at an average price of 2.4 times cheaper than last year, EastFruit experts report.

On March 28, 2023, the Korzinka supermarket chain announced the start of sales of kuksultan at a retail price of 49 990 UZS/kg ($4.37). So far it is offered only in two stores of this chain in the capital of Uzbekistan.

In 2022, kuksultan became available in the supermarkets of the capital of Uzbekistan on April 3-4 and its price ranged from 99 990 to 136 990 UZS/kg (from $8.76 to $12.01).

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Thus,  this new product went on sale this year about a week earlier than last year, and the starting price is 2 to 2.7 times lower than in the 2022 season, EastFruit experts note.


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