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Although prices for local tomatoes in Poland decreased, they are still higher than last year

The dynamic decline in wholesale prices for Polish greenhouse tomatoes is typical for the current season. The supply of tomatoes from local greenhouses has continued to grow rapidly since the end of March. In addition, the decline in prices during this period is supported by low exports, because the season for tomato exports in Poland begins much later, EastFruit project analysts report citing the fresh-market website.

It should be noted that the price situation on the vegetable market this year is very different from previous years. Despite the sharp drop in prices for local tomatoes, they are sold much more expensive than a year ago.

The start of the marketing season was delayed because very few Polish producers took the risk of planting greenhouse tomatoes, fearing the high production costs. Consequently, the supply of local tomatoes on the market today is quite limited. In addition, import prices remain consistently high due to weather disasters in Spain and Turkey. At the same time, the depreciation of the zloty (PLN) does not contribute to the active imports.

In addition, there are economic factors – the price of fuel, fertilizers, protective equipment, labor costs, and problems with seasonal workers. All of the above factors do not contribute to the active development of the greenhouse business and the price of tomatoes is most likely to remain much higher than last year.

Prices for Moroccan or Turkish tomatoes do not fall below 7.00 PLN/kg ($1.66/kg), and Spanish ones do not fall below 10.00 PLN/kg ($2.38/kg). The maximum prices for imported tomatoes reach 15.00 PLN/kg ($3.56/kg), which is also much more expensive than a year ago. The supply of imported tomatoes on the Polish market has slightly increased over the past two weeks, but not so much as to sharply reduce prices in the segment.

As for the prices of local red tomatoes, today they are offered for sale at 15.00-15.66 PLN/kg ($3.56-3.72/kg), which is on average 29% more expensive than in the same period last year.


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