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In 2020, exports of fresh fruits and vegetables from Turkey increased by 21%

The Union of Exporters of the Mediterranean Region of Turkey informed the Anadolu agency about the impressive 2020 exports summary. The total volume of export operations in this industry last year increased by 21% compared to 2019, namely to $2,730,157,000.

In particular, the exports of fruits amounted to $179,827,000, vegetables – $699,492,000, citrus – $933,150,000, tea – $17 451 000.

In the exports of fresh fruit, the most demanded categories are mandarins, tomatoes, lemons, cherries, sweet cherries, and grapes. They made 51% of all external supplies.

Thus, the sales leader among fruits exported from Turkey was mandarins ($437,696,000), and among vegetables – tomatoes ($313,377,000).

According to Nejdat Sin, the chairman of the Union of Exporters of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables of the Mediterranean Region, Turkey ranks 7th globally in terms of agricultural production.

Five product categories have driven the growth of fresh fruit and vegetable exports from Turkey:


Category Export volume in 2020 Share in export in 2020
Mandarins 437,696,403 16
Tomatoes  313,377,634 11
Lemons 273,927,355 10
Cherries/sweet cherries 223,973,005 8
Grapes 158,140,688 6




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