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A shortage of greenhouse vegetables is expected in Ukraine this season


Prices for greenhouse vegetables have skyrocketed in Ukraine this week, EastFruit project analysts report . The main reason for the increase in cost was the rather cold weather that prevailed in most of the country, as well as very expensive energy resources.

As we have repeatedly reported, to date, the crisis in the greenhouse vegetables has already affected almost all EU countries. The rise in the cost of energy, as well as the complication of logistics, led to a serious decrease in the supply of greenhouse vegetables. To date, a similar situation has developed in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of this week alone, prices for cucumbers have grown by an average of 25% and at the moment prices are in the range of 45-55 UAH/kg ($1.23-1.50/kg). Greenhouse tomatoes rose in price by an average of 29% over the week and sales in this segment are currently being carried out at 40-50 UAH/kg ($1.09-1.37/kg).

According to representatives of greenhouse producers, such a rapid rise in the price of greenhouse vegetables is a necessary measure. With the advent of cold weather, many growers have already begun heating their greenhouses. At the same time, it should be taken into account that it is very difficult for Ukrainian growers today to switch to alternative fuels. So, some Ukrainian greenhouse plants, following the example of their European counterparts, also abandoned the winter season of greenhouse vegetables. There are also some Ukrainian growers whose enterprises are located in the occupied territories or have been damaged due to active hostilities; they will also not be able to carry out the winter season.

At the same time, according to traders, one cannot count on imports in the segment of greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes either. Since a similar situation has developed in the main producing countries. According to key market players, in the current season in Ukraine, there may well be a shortage of both greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers.


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