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Walnuts and hazelnuts have risen in price over the past month, while almonds have fallen in price more often – market overview for September 2020

According to analysts of the EastFruit project, the new season of walnut crops in the monitoring region begins unevenly. Since it has entered an active phase in all eastern countries of the monitoring region, we resume monthly reviews of the markets for walnut and almond kernels and shelled hazelnuts.

Over September 2020, project analysts did not record a stable situation in any of the analyzed countries on the walnut kernel market. Moreover, despite the fact that the walnut season was already quite active in the eastern part of the monitoring region, walnuts prices in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were gradually increasing. Local market operators explained that demand for walnuts remained at a high level, primarily due to importers’ activity.

Prices for this type of nuts during the first month of autumn 2020 increased in Russia and Belarus. In Belarus, having reached the level of $ 7.30 / kg, they became the highest in the region.

According to the reporting month results, the exception in this market segment was Ukraine, where a walnut’s kernel fell even slightly by $ 0.13 / kg over the last 30 days.

According to the project analysts, by the end of this month, the walnut kernel market’s situation may change dramatically, since the new walnut season will be active in all countries of the monitoring region without exception.

EastFruit analysts reported no changes in the price situation in the hazelnut in-shell segment in Georgia and Belarus over the past month. This type of nuts fell in price only on the Russian Federation market, where average prices for hazelnuts fell to $ 4.04 / kg.

Upward trends dominated the market for in-shell hazelnuts throughout the past period, and this type of nuts has significantly increased in price in Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Having reached a record level in the monitoring region of $ 7.76 / kg, in-shell hazelnuts went on sale in bulk in Ukraine by the end of the reporting period.

The most affordable in-shell hazelnuts, on average, at $ 2.03 / kg, went on sale in bulk in the Georgian market. Even with stable demand, sellers only slightly increased the previously established prices for this type of nuts, which allowed them to maintain the same trading rates.

As in the previous season, of all the analyzed nut crops, the almond kernel was offered on the monitoring region’s market at the highest wholesale prices, from $ 6.78 / kg in Uzbekistan to $ 13.53 / kg in Ukraine.

Prices for one of the most expensive types of nuts rose only in Belarus over the past month, while almond kernels fell in price in the Russian Federation and Poland.

In the rest of the monitoring region countries, the EastFruit project specialists did not record a significant change in the market situation in this segment of walnut crops throughout the reporting period.


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