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Tomato varieties resistant to ToBRFV successfully tested in Turkey

In the fertile region of Almeria, particularly in El Ejido, Manier Seeds recently held an event about the fight against Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV). Their trials, which showcased a variety of resilient tomato types, drew a diverse audience including technical experts from Manier Seeds, local cooperatives, and independent growers.

The trials featured a lineup of tomato varieties, including loose type tomatoes, cluster types, pink types, and Marmande types, FreshPlaza informs. These varieties have been tested in Türkiye and are now demonstrating their performance in Spain. “The results have been promising, with the tomatoes showing strong resistance to ToBRFV, a virus that has posed considerable challenges to growers worldwide”, the team says.

“Our research and development efforts in Türkiye have truly borne fruit here in Spain,” remarked one of Manier Seeds’ technical experts. “The resilience of our tomato varieties against ToBRFV is an important tool to fight the virus.”

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“The resistance of these tomatoes to ToBRFV is impressive,” said a representative from a local cooperative. “We are excited about the potential these varieties hold for our future harvests.”

The event was not only an opportunity to showcase the robust performance of these tomato varieties but also a platform for collaborative dialogue. Attendees, including local cooperative members and independent farmers, shared insights and best practices for optimizing crop management techniques. Discussions covered a range of topics from efficient irrigation strategies to integrated pest management, all aimed at maximizing yields sustainably.

Manier Seeds plans to extend its trial activities in the Almeria region, particularly in locations like El Ejido, ensuring that more growers can benefit from these resilient tomato varieties. Future trials will continue to focus on evaluating the performance of these varieties under different environmental conditions, with a strong emphasis on disease resistance and yield quality.


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