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Plastic-free packaging for apples, potatoes and citrus fruits launched

The last word will not be said in packaging for fresh vegetables and fruit for a long time, and Silbo is launching new packaging to emphasize that statement, FreshPlaza informs.  According to Marcin Śpiewok, owner of the Polish packaging manufacturer and originator of the new packaging, this means that there is still a lot of room for innovation, developing new shapes, improving storage and food hygiene conditions, strengthening barriers, improving functionality and taking the marketing importance of packaging to a higher level:

“In the ecological aspect, we are constantly working on new packaging. An example is replacing plastic with paper. Plastic shrink films are increasingly being replaced by paper wrappers. Plastic bags also find their substitutes. We are working on such solutions. In addition to paper bands for fresh vegetables and fruits, we have developed a paper bag packaging that is adapted to rollstock bagger machines. So far, only poly bags have been used on this type of machines, such as plastic bags wound on rolls which, after filling, are automatically sealed. Apples are usually packed this way, but producers also use it for potatoes. This will also work for citrus fruits and nuts.”

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Now Silbo has developed paper bags for this packaging technology, completely eliminating plastic, Śpiewok explains. “This packaging can be kraft or white and printed with any design. The paper is FSC® certified, printing is based on alcohol-free water-based inks, and the glue, which is also water-based, according to the customer’s instructions can be applied only at the welding point. Our ‘Reelbag’ packaging has two large windows, ensuring visibility of the inside of the bag and ventilation of the product. The windows are secured with organic linen mesh, and at the customer’s request, the package can also be equipped with a handle. Paper has limited moisture absorption, thanks to which vegetables and fruits stay fresh longer.”

The new packaging was first shown during Fruit Logistica. Śpiewok states visitors were quite interested in the design. “We presented the prototype of this packaging for the first time at the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin, where it met with great interest. Since then, we have been developing improvements to this packaging, also for larger grammages, and receiving inquiries from potential customers, mainly from Europe, but also from the US.”

Silbo is one of the few companies in the world that has machinery to produce this type of packaging, Śpiewok says: “Although the design of Reelbags seems simple, the manufacturing technology is unique. So far, we’ve offered this type of packaging in the form of mono-material polyethylene bags with mesh, intended for simplified recycling.”


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