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Olya’s agricultural notes. How weather station charmed a farmer… (part I)

The first plot. All matches are coincidental, and the characters are fictitious.

The farmer sped along the dusty road. The sun was approaching the horizon and only a few minutes remained until dusk. Suddenly, the car stalled. Empty fields stretched to the horizon, and there was no one to ask for help. The man jumped out of the cab, lifted the hood, and tried to figure out what had gone wrong.

– Do you know any farmer, who does not dream of getting the full potential yield declared by the originator of the variety?! – the man looked around, no one … – 30 tons of strawberries per hectare! 20 tons of blueberries per hectare! 110 tons of potatoes per hectare.

At some distance there was a piece of iron stuffed with wires and screens, it seems that she spoke in a pleasant female voice.

“You don’t look very good,” the weather station smiled sympathetically at the man.

– I didn’t sleep all night. Thoughts, thoughts. Will it rain or not, should I take people out for planting or not… Pay everyone, take them out to the field, and suddenly the weather is bad – and then the money goes down the drain… In short, people are out, money spent, and it started to rain …

“And if you had such an assistant as me, you would know for sure that it would rain on your fields today, and you yourself would sleep peacefully, and would not bother people in vain, and you would save money …

What can you do, piece of iron?

– Don’t get too excited, you need to know who you’re talking to… Where are your fields?

– Around the corner, 2 kilometers in a straight line.

– Call the foreman, take people out, there will be no rain for 3 days, you can plant.

– Oh, really, how do you know?

– I’m not a weather forecast from a TV, I forecast the weather with 100 percent accuracy. Within a radius of 200 meters, sensors are installed that collect and transmit information to me about air humidity, temperature, direction, and strength of the wind. My software analyzes the entire dataset and I generate a highly accurate forecast. I know the best times for sowing, irrigating, and harvesting. With my help, you can look into the future of your farm, see the picture of the weather for the coming weeks, plan ahead, and make the best use of your time and resources.

– Common, I check at the weather forecast on my smartphone …

– We weather stations have a more reliable and accurate source of information. My data is updated in real time and is based on specific measurements taken right in your field. You can get local weather information and make more informed decisions. Man, you never dreamed of such a thing! Can you drive a car blindfolded? Can not! And why do you blindly manage your farming in the 21st century?!

– Do you have any more surprises for me?

– I can become your underground eyes!” So, you look at your plants, visually everything is beautiful, you rejoice, you already count how much money you’d make, and at this very time insidious processes are going on in the soil, fungi multiply, bacteria attack the root system – and all of this is invisible to you. The plant is crying out for help, and you don’t hear them, you simply can’t hear them! On the other hand, my sensors are transmitting data that suggests that the likelihood of anthracnose is high, plant life is threatened, or I see, again based on the information received, that before only a few days are left until the major outbreak of the disease.

– How many days?

– 6 days?

– How much do you charge for your services?

– How much does your quiet life cost, without stress and anxiety? How much does a measured planting campaign, balanced plant care, without fuss and unnecessary movements cost? Haw about enormous savings of resources when, for example, you do not turn on the fertigation system, knowing that tomorrow it will rain, which will simply wash away your millions invested in fertilizers and plant protection products? How much would you pay for such a service?

– You said something about the potential yield declared by the originator of the variety? How can anyone possibly achieve that?

– We’ll talk about it next time!

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To be continued…


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