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Информация о рынках овощей и фруктов на восток от Евросоюза

National Conference «High value investment opportunities in Horticulture of Moldova», International Trade Forum with B2B


Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel, Mitropolit Varlaam str. 77, Chisinau, 2012, Moldova

О конференции

At the National Conference «High value investment opportunities in Horticulture of Moldova» the current market situation will be examined and the best investment niches of the fruit and vegetable sector of Moldova will be highlighted. The speakers will present their vision of the development of the viticulture and horticulture sectors, including the cultivation of cherries, walnut growing and share their experience in these areas. Particular attention will be paid to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in greenhouses, as well as energy efficiency tools and the use of renewable energy in the greenhouse business.

Bilateral meetings of Moldovan producers and exporters of table grapes, apples, plums, berries with importers from Ukraine (Nobilis Fruit, AgatYug, Agrotrade, FrutLogistik), Romania, Russia, Belarus (Somafrut), Spain (Alkimia Fruts), France (Agroburse 360 SI), South Africa (Van Doorn) and others will be held at IInternational Trade Forum B2B.

For participation in the event, please contact, +37368882202, Iurie HURMUZACHI